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Hi! We are Ion.Dog.

We build podcasting tools which

provide value to listeners by

empowering creators to

focus on quality.

Build With Momentum

The podcaster/listener relationship cycle is based on values. When you support the values for both sides, you build with momentum.

Listener Values

  • Efficient Learning
  • Fun & Entertainment
  • Community

Podcaster Values

  • Earn Money
  • Passion & Mission
  • Time Values

Ion.Dog's tools assist in supporting the values of listeners, readers, and creators.

Podcasts, Powered Up

For Listeners

  • Make the most of your time with PodNotes™
  • Read & hear your favorites with PodText™
  • Experience more cast with PodMojo™
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For Creators

  • Quickly create episode summaries with PodNotes™
  • Make your podcast SEO friendly with PodText™
  • Network and link content with PodMojo™
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Ion.Dog features provide unique value to your listeners.